Fighting to STOP workplace abuse 23 yrs. & counting

Gary Namie is a social psychologist with a long record of teaching graduate and undergraduate University courses in Management and Psychology at Scripps College, University of California Santa Barbara, University of Southern California, University of San Francisco and others. He won national and campus teaching awards. He was also Corporate Manager for two regional hospital systems as director of internal training and consulting services. He began consulting to organizations as The Work Doctor® in 1985.

Remarkably, as a college student, Gary worked 36 months at Washington Steel Corp. in his hometown. Life at the mill (unrealistically all male back then) taught him more about group dynamics, good management principles, positive bonding among workers, and benefits of unions than all of his graduate school education.

In 1997, in response to Dr. Ruth’s bullying experience (and Gary’s vicarious one), the couple imported Workplace Bullying to the U.S. from England. Using his research background, he wrote, and WBI commissioned, Zogby analytics to conduct the frequently cited scientific national prevalence surveys. The most recent survey was conducted in 2021.

They began the organization that became the Workplace Bullying Institute today. On a toll-free line, they heard long-version, painful stories from over 12,000 bullied workers in all industries.

Together, the Namies wrote the popular books, BullyProof Yourself At Work (DoubleDoc Press, 1999), The Bully At Work (Sourcebooks, 2009) and The Bully-Free Workplace (Wiley, 2011).

They also publish academic journal articles and book chapters based on WBI research. They appear in the Journal of Consulting Psychology, International Journal of Communication, Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal, Ivey Business Journal, Journal of Employee Assistance; and contributing chapters in the books Destructive Organizational Communication and Workplace Bullying: Development in Theory, Research and Practice. They wrote three chapters for Workplace Bullying and Mobbing in the United States. M. Duffy & D.C. Yamada (Eds.). Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger Press. 2018.

In addition, several WBI-site-based studies have been conducted. The media regard Dr. Namie, after 1,200+ interviews, as the go-to expert. He leads advocates to enact the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill in US states. Dr. Namie is considered the originator of the workplace bullying consulting field. He serves as expert witness in bullying-related legal cases for counsel for plaintiffs and the defense, and confronts workplace bullies in their workplaces.