Got a High-Profile, Costly Bully?

Respectful Conduct Clinic

• Post-Investigation Recommendation for “Training”
• Long History Abuser, Recent Complainant(s)
• Responsible for Disproportionately High Turnover
• Harasser/Bully Not Necessarily Sexual Harasser
• Exposure to #MeToo Public Relations Risk
• Immediate Compliance with Policy, Code Required
•Threat to Recruitment & Retention of Key Professionals

Individualized on-site 2-day program for identified repeat offenders.

We identify skill deficiencies and the myriad of barriers to adopting non-abusive practices. A personal development plan is agreed upon. Includes tutorials on managing others and bullying prevention.

Forget expensive attempts to change a bully’s personality. Our Clinic is more effective than “anger management.”

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Create Policy & Procedures

The cornerstone of accountability. You need a standard to define unacceptability. Then procedures are consistently applied to all employees to move your culture toward being free of health-harming, costly abusive conduct.

The best policy and enforcement procedures result from a collaborative, proprietary group writing process facilitated by Dr. Namie. Values need to be aired, challenged & endorsed. No boilerplate form works for you.

Craft a stand-alone policy to send a clear statement. Or integrate the prohibition of abusive conduct into existing policies — anti-violence, non-discrimination, or affirmative codes of conduct.

The Systemic Sustainable Solution

The WBI Blueprint is a comprehensive set of on-site & remote services that enables clients to customize an intervention.

Bullying is a financial risk. Perpetrators are too expensive to keep! Prevention turns costs into savings.

The Blueprint system delivers both correction and prevention of abusive conduct.

Avoid patchwork, temporary, quick fixes that worsen problems. If others promise personality or culture change, they cannot deliver.

Our methods reflect wisdom from 30+ years consulting experience, 20 years as specialists in bullying consulting, the field we originated.

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