Respectful Conduct Clinic

The Alternative to Abuse for Offenders

Got a High-Profile, Costly Bully?

Learn about our individualized 2-day program for identified repeat offenders.

Forget expensive attempts to change a bully’s personality. Our Respectful Conduct Clinic is more effective than “anger management.”

  • Post-Investigation Recommendation for “Training”
  • Long-History Abuser, Recent Complainant(s)
  • Responsible for Disproportionately High Turnover
  • Harasser/Bully Not Necessarily Sexual Harasser
  • Exposure to #MeToo Public Relations Risk
  • Immediate Compliance with Policy, Code Required
  • Threat to Recruitment & Retention of Key Professionals

We identify skill deficiencies and the myriad of barriers to adopting non-abusive practices. A personal development plan is agreed upon. Includes tutorials on managing others and bullying prevention.

Our methods reflect wisdom from 30+ years consulting experience, 23 years as specialists in workplace bullying consulting, the field we originated.

The Clinic is currently delivered remotely due to COVID-19.

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