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“Workplace Bullying: A Preventable Health Hazard”

National Award-Winning Presenter
Unrivaled Authority on Workplace Bullying/Abusive Conduct
20 Year Immersion in Bullying / 32 Years Consulting Experience / 21 Year University Career*
Engaging, Informed & Fun Sessions
Makes Research Implementable
Customized Content for Clients
Audiences: Executives, Managers, Staff
Any format, any length session: Keynote, Interactive Workshop
Daily rate includes up to 5 hours of presentations
Travels from Washington State

* Note: many years of experience were concurrent (don’t worry, he is still alive and able crawl from the plane to help you)

Major Themes in Speeches

Distinguishing abusive conduct from discrimination

Perpetrator profile

Who gets targeted, profile of strength

Origins: Implicit & deliberate; Systemic & interpersonal

Scientific evidence of stress-related harm

Work environments overwhelm personalities

Mistakes employers make

What coworkers can do to mitigate it

What supervisors & managers must do

Leadership’s commitment to eradication

Partial solutions, first steps

The WBI comprehensive employer solution

The danger of waiting for illegality

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