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Since co-founding the Workplace Bullying Institute 20 years ago, I have supported and encouraged Canadian and American unions to boldly proclaim war on abusive conduct against their members. In the early years, only Canadian unions understood bullying and jumped in. They were oriented about ensuring the dignity of their members. American unions were inexplicably reticent.

It became clear that when bullying is member-on-member, American unions were paralyzed. Over the decades as unions sustained mounting assaults on their purpose, a few unions realized that if they took care of their abused members, organizing could be built around bullying. Sadly, outrageous employer union-busting and union-bankrupting campaigns have gained steam and legal backing forcing unions into playing defense with scarcer resources.

I know unions are struggling, but there is no excuse for any local union president to turn her or his back on members’ needs. Provide relief requested by members. Do not say bullying is not an issue for unions. Too many ignorant officers remain atop American unions blocking the help that members deserve. Many got to be presidents by being fighters. But are they are they brawlers or fighters for social justice? We favor the justice-driven kind. The rest are themselves bullies.

Watch what Mary Kay Henry, President SEIU International, said about workplace bullying at the National Press Club in 2012.

We, at WBI, deliver the training that equips unions to serve their members on all matters related to abusive conduct in the workplace. When employers don’t care, it’s up to unions. If not unions, who? Benefits are described at the WBI for Unions website. The training program is described in detail at the Workplace Bullying University website (union participants enjoy a permanent tuition discount).

Here’s what some union training alums say:

“Without exaggeration, the WBI [Workplace Bullying University] was the best training I have attended in my twenty-three years as a both a union attorney and union representative. While Dr. Namie’s knowledge of workplace bullying is encyclopedic, he is able to present this information with incredible clarity and passion. This is a graduate level course and, at the end of it, a union, legal or health professional will be well prepared and have the material resources to provide help to targets of workplace bullying as well to present to interested groups. I cannot give high enough praise to the Workplace Bullying Institute.” Eric F

“The most informative, delightful training I have received in 40 years. Dr. Namie’s is knowledgeable and also cares deeply about employees who are bullied. His sense of humor kept it fun.” Dana M

“The class gave me a broader understanding of the bullying work environment, the target, the bully and learning ways to help and to curtail the behavior. Dr. Namie is a top notch presenter who easily rolls with the group using wit while knowing his topic thoroughly.” Scott B

“I was excited about getting so many resources and tools to take back home. The instructor was great. There never was a dull moment.” Janet G

“Gary is brilliant, charismatic and thoughtful. He keeps the group connected through his experiences and knowledge. As an experienced trade unionist, I’ve received training on many workplace issues. Finally — now — I have the tools to address one of the most rampant and harmful workplace problems of all — bullying. I’m grateful to have the tools to achieve a psychologically healthy and safe workplace!” Denise N

“The information given to me was phenomenal. It opened my eyes to do more research and to read great books so that I can share the information with anyone who feels like they are being bullied.” Shunta G

“The training was extraordinary and much more than I expected. It’s rare to see such dedication and passion with this type of training. The research compilation and the precise organization of the materials is just what a left brain thrives on”
Cynthia P

“Gary is a shining star in the Workplace Bullying movement! He leads all of us towards the goal of passing a law prohibiting bullying, teaching people about Workplace Bullying and how to deal with it, acting as an expert witness on Workplace Bullying. His presentations are lively, informative and sometimes lifesaving. Without Gary the progress that has been made in the US would not have happened. I encourage anyone needing any of the services he provides to hire him and not the johnny come lately people who don’t have the depth of knowledge and experience in this area.” Carol F



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