Tuition only $1,500 if deposit paid by Feb. 14

Workplace Bullying University Est. 2008

Training for Professionals

A unique, immersive evidence-based 3-day program that delves into every aspect of the workplace bullying/abusive conduct phenomenon. Developed by American pioneers, Drs. Ruth and Gary Namie. The only program of its kind in the world. Program details.

Participants include professionals from nursing, medicine, counseling, psychology, human resources, training, law, unions, arbitration, management, consulting and worker advocacy groups. Also individuals transitioning to a new career in consulting attend.


1) Attend a PUBLIC session held in San Francisco. Groups deliberately are held to a small size to optimize discussion and discovery. An extensive set of take-home resources to complete the learning at one’s personal pace complement the training. Take some extra time to enjoy San Francisco. See the University website for dates of the next session. Tuition discount may apply.

2) Bring University ON SITE to train a team of internal experts. We call them Expert Peer Teams. This much more than train-the-trainers for your organization. They provide clarification, validation and guidance for bullied workers. They also serve as ambassadors for your anti-bullying initiative. Group rate is deeply discounted relative to individual tuition to encourage employer and union engagement.

3) HOST University in your town. Register six (6) or more individuals and we come to you.

This form is for those seeking professional services by Dr. Gary Namie.

For targets of workplace bullying: Please contact the WBI's expert low-fee personal coach, Jessi Brown, at this link:

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